There is a range of products and programs that Kia offers to the customers. This includes loyalty offers, special programs, and insurance. No matter, what is your financial condition, or what sector you belong to, you will most likely find the help you are looking for.

The company provides special offers for the purchase or lease of new vehicles from time to time as well as limited-time promotions on certified pre-owned vehicles. There are special programs for military personnel and college grads as well. With the competitive bonus, current owners of qualifying competitive vehicles can get additional savings. The military offers are available to the active members of the United States armed forces, reserves, and the immediate family of the participant. The certified pre-owned program provides low-rate offers for well-qualified buyers.

The loyalty offers are a great way for you to get a vehicle. Whether you want to buy a vehicle or lease a vehicle, you will get good deals. If you are a returning customer, you can take advantage of the owner loyalty incentive. If you are switching from another brand to Kia, you can also take advantage of the competitive bonus.

Their insurance program is called power protect, which can help you save a significant amount on customized auto insurance. As a company’s customer, you can receive a discounted rate on auto insurance through this program. It can provide you with different benefits including discounts for various vehicle safety features, for insuring more than one vehicle, and for adding a new vehicle. You can also get the advantage of the new car replacement, which means if your vehicle is totaled in the first year, you will get the money for a brand new car. If you qualify for accident forgiveness, your premium will not increase due to your first accident.

The company offers different tools and services to help you decide which vehicle you want to buy, which option is best for you, and how you can decide whether to lease or buy. You can use their tools like a payment calculator or budget calculator to calculate your budget and monthly payments. You can read their guide to determine whether leasing or buying is a better option for you. Their customer service is available 24/7 to help you and answer every question.