Powerful vehicle is worth your attention

The latest vehicle from Mercedes is an exciting product as it’s the most powerful vehicle from AMG. Not only this, its engine is sort of new as well. It’s one of the measures that made the two-seat GT coupé a very exciting track supercar. Other measures include some incredible aerodynamics. One of the rewarding things about the vehicle is how communicative it is, its steering is light, but feel and weight build naturally. We haven’t seen this in the GT R.

It doesn’t happen very often that black series models serve as the flagship of an AMG model line. So far, there have only been six, including this latest vehicle. And this vehicle has been changed to a point that, if we didn’t know it’s from the AMG line, we couldn’t have guessed it from just its handling. Usually, we drive an AMG GT and from its handling alone, we can tell that it’s an AMG.

The vehicle is 32kg lighter than an AMG GT R, due to the Carbon fiber elements. It has a top speed of 201mph and it can reach 58mph in 3.3sec. Its engine has a power output of 718bhp at 6600-6800rpm and 580lb-ft at 2000-6000rpm.

The engine is a flat-plane V8 that means two cylinders operate at the same time. A lot of things have been changed including the crankshaft, camshafts, and exhaust manifolds. The turbos are bigger with new bearings and intercoolers are larger as well.

The flat-plane engines usually rev higher than cross-plane engines, as we have seen with Ferrari and McLaren V8s. The crank is also lighter, which changes the vibrations, making it sound like a four-cylinder.

Just like the exterior, the interior is pretty cool, and as soon as you get in, you would know that you are in a sports car. The seats are extremely supportive and unforgiving. There are different drive mode options including sport mode and race mode. It’s brilliant on the track and sounds good as well, or at least we think so.

The black series cars are known to be very loud like you have entered an engine room of a ship. But, the new vehicle is different from them. The most rewarding thing is the drive. You can drive it for days and not get bored.