Motorsport technology car for the road

Second in line for the Toyota sports cars, Toyota GR Yaris is going to be launched at the GoodWood speedweek. With a technology used for sports cars, the car is built up in a way to be an all-purpose motor vehicle. The car is supposed to bring revolution to the industry as it will combine the speed and technology of a sports car and the reliability and look of a regular-use car.

While talking about its exterior, the car is manufactured to keep the weight on a lower grade than the rest of them. Because the bodywork utilizes the polymer of carbon fiber and aluminum at the same time, the weight of the car will be less than the other in this line.

With a length of about 3895 and a width of 1705mm this car is different from the one before it. The wheelbase of this car is 2456mm while the front and rear tracks are 1420mm and 1480mm respectively. The lower roof of the car and a 3 door technology helps the high-functioning aerodynamics installed in the car.

Utilizing the white color as standard, but if someone asks for a different color, this car is also available in red, black, and silver colors. With a three-cylinder and turbocharged 1.6-liter engine technology, the car will be able to produce an output of 261bhp and 262lb-ft.

Pre-orders for Toyota GR Yaris have already begun and the car is available for £28614. Compared with other competitor cars, this uniquely designed model from Toyota takes the competition to another level. The new vehicle assembly system makes this car different and superior from the rest in its competition. The most important feature of this vehicle assembly system is a series of individual cells connected by driverless vehicles which will take the accuracy and reliability of this car to another level.

The hot hatch prototype, Toyota GR Yaris will soon be available for all who wish to buy it firsthand. With this model, Toyota is challenging all the different manufacturers to bring the game to the next level.