Customer Service

Answering every question from every customer, Kia Finance Customer Service ensures everyone is getting the most from their services. When it comes to getting a vehicle, many people are reluctant at first, as they are worried about the whole process of getting it. Some worry too much that they drop the idea of getting a car or they ask for help from another person.

Kia Finance Customer Service

Kia Finance Customer Service

No doubt, financing a vehicle is not an easy task, you need to spend a good amount of time, go through different procedures, provide a lot of information, and manage everything at the same time. But, the whole process can be made relatively easy and simple, if you are provided with support on each step. You would like to have someone that can answer your questions and even handle things for you. Well, guess what, you have got more than just one person. There is a whole team that helps you throughout, as well as there are online tools that aid you in the process.

There are two primary ways to contact the support team, through phone or mail. Of course, many people would prefer contacting over the phone than mail, because a direct conversation is better than sending a mail and waiting to get the response. However, for some people, using the mail is a better option, at least in some cases. Customers can contact the customer service department, lease-end servicing team, and collections department. There’s also an option for toll-free automated retail account access, in case, you can’t access the account online. Just make sure to have the account number or Social Security number when you call.

There are four mail addresses available. You can send finance payments to the given address and there is a separate address for lease payments. For written correspondence, there’s another address, don’t use this address to send payments. If you have a direct credit dispute, you can send a mail to the address.

You can also request general information about the personal financial information they collect from you. You have to complete a secure form to let them know how they can help you. After providing some information, you can write your message. You are advised not to include private information like SSN.